10 Fun Things to do in Coos Bay

Coos Bay Downtown

Though a small area of only 16,000 residents, Coos Bay, Oregon offers many fun things to do – especially for outdoor fun and recreation. This is a list of 10 fun activities you can partake in when you visit the Bay Area.

  1. Walk along Coos Bay boardwalk (waterfront) and look at boats
  2. Walk around Mingus Park and see Choshi Gardens (Japanese Garden)
  3. Visit the Mill Casino (buffet, gaming, nice view of waterfront)
  4. Visit the ocean- Sunset Bay or Shore Acres (especially on a stormy day to see rough waves)
  5. Ride bicycles around Empire Lakes
  6. Tour the Oregon Connection (House of Myrtlewood)
  7. Taste fresh crab in Charleston
  8. Play disc golf at Mingus Park
  9. Visit Golden and Silver Falls
  10. Ride ATVs on the sand dunes at Horsfall

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